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Regardless of the numerous factors involved in this proposed power plant, the KEY issue is the democratic involvement of the residents of Carroll County in the decision making process!!!

Pursuant to the above, we must study all these factors to make an informed decision.  We obviously are not getting ANY information from AECI! They have held secret meetings with only a select few Carroll County officials, and have completely “stonewalled” all our efforts to obtain any information. 

  • For example, should we allow an electric cooperative to displace people, destroy homes, contaminate the environment, and possibly deplete our water supply?  Is this for the public good?


  • Just how far are we going to allow eminent domain to infringe upon the rights, lives, and livelihoods of Carroll County citizens?


  • Is the dubious promise of jobs for Carroll County factual, and is it worth acid rain, contaminated food, and particulate matter in our breathing supply?


  • Will the air quality worsened by a coal-fired power plant situated up wind from the rest of the county decrease the chances of other development in Carroll County?


  • All stack emissions environmental control technologies merely convert air pollutants into liquid and/or solid pollutants.  How will these be handled?


  • What will happen to generated waste material, hazardous or not?  Solid waste handling companies from the Kansas City area would jump at the chance to truck their problem to Carroll County.  If AECI is allowed solid waste disposal privilege, this opens the door for every other interested party.  So far there are NO private waste landfill permits issued in this county.


  • Is the tax exemption commensurate with the pittance AECI is offering compared with what they could be offering?  We should, at a minimum, be compensated fairly for the use of our roads, water, Carroll County infrastructure, i.e., fire, health, police, etc.  This is normally funded by property tax.  AECI pays Randolph County about $3.5 million per year for the Thomas Hill plant, but are offering Carroll County only $600,000/year.


  • What price do we place on our own and future generations’ deteriorating health and quality of life?  Yes, this county, as well as the entire nation, is facing economic tension.  We believe this will improve, but even if it worsens, will this kind of economic development be worth the cost?  It certainly would be to an electric power cooperative’s advantage if Norborne disappeared.  They don’t need us.  They need a cheap location that is problem free to construct a dirty energy source!  


  • Are we acting as responsible citizens by permitting the overburdened environmental condition of this county, state, and nation to worsen?


  • Wouldn’t it be extremely shortsighted to accept AECI’s proposal at face value? 


  • Can we believe any promises made by AECI?  After all, they haven’t been exactly forthcoming regarding our concerns.  Have they been equally closed mouthed with our county officials?  Perhaps their stance is that withholding the truth is somehow better than a lie?


  • Just who was that “unidentified” acquaintance that brought AECI and county commissioners together?  Wonder what a county sellout costs these days?


Keep in mind; AECI is not a charity!  They're in the business to make money!   Our excessive and continuing electricity rate increases pay for ALL of their expenses, including those related to pollution control.  They are merely taking advantage of the rising petroleum cost to bring back dirty "cheap" coal.  As long as we are "footing the bill", why not use clean, technologically available, and forever renewable sources for electricity?


In a recent meeting with our commissioners we were asked to provide them with some of these alternatives.  We would be glad to.  In fact, given the amount of time AECI has been surreptitiously planning this take-over, we might have already done so!  This issue was suddenly dropped in our laps March, 2005.

Please, don't jump at the first offer to use our community.  There are alternatives!  If we really believe we must supply additional current from Carroll County, let's approach a company that can do it without adding to the over-pollution problem.

One of the homes that will be taken was built in 1913 and the current descendant has just spent $60,000 in improvements.  If the proposed plant is built, this home will be destroyed, along with several other lovely homes in this vicinity.
As mentioned above, there are alternatives.  Why not look for a "win-win" solution?  Let's leave the same legacy of responsible and considerate behavior as our forefathers left us.   

Picture of smokestacks; Size=130 pixels wide

Above are several hazardous smokestacks.


This is AECI's Thomas Hill plant. (Taken by them.)
"Americans living near coal-fired power plants are exposed to higher radiation doses than those living near nuclear power plants that meet government regulations." 


This usually occurs between the hours of sundown to sunup.